Committees at Work

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is a special committee of Council focused on Council governance, Council and committee membership, and the election of Council members. It offers guidance on governance issues such as risk assessment, evaluation and Council member development, succession planning and transition effectiveness.

In 2018, the committee focused on the transition between the seventh and eighth Councils. The committee monitored results of the outreach and member engagement initiatives undertaken as part of the strategic communication plan to encourage voter participation and engagement in the election process. The committee approved a two-day orientation program for incoming Council members to prepare for their governance roles on Council and committees. It proposed committee memberships based on interest, skills and competencies for the inaugural eighth Council meeting on July 4, 2018. The committee also received applications, interviewed short-listed candidates and recommended individuals to fill the two vacant positions on Council.

Strategic planning continued to be a focus of the committee in 2018. It undertook the regular process of updating the strategic plan, including the strategic priorities, working with an external consultant, resulting in a two-day strategic planning session for Council members and senior staff. The committee proposed a revised plan based on input from this session. In November, Council approved its new 2018-23 strategic plan, including new strategic priorities.

The committee also undertook an independent review of College governance. Working with Governance Solutions Inc., the review involved consultation, document and best practice review, and focused on ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of key governance practices and structures. The 37 recommendations from the final report were received by Council in December.


To June 30, 2018
  • Angela De Palma, OCT (e)
  • Matthew Kavanagh, OCT (e) (Chair)
  • Myreille Loubert, OCT (e)
  • Sara Nouini, OCT (e) (Vice-Chair)
  • Tom Potter (a)
  • Jonathan Rose (a) (from May 10, 2018)
  • Ronna Warsh (a)
  • Marie-Claude Yaacov (a) (to March 10, 2018)
From July 1, 2018
  • Irene Dembek, OCT (e)
  • Tim Gernstein, OCT (e)
  • John Hamilton, OCT (e)
  • Sara Nouini, OCT (e)
  • Tom Potter (a) (Chair)
  • Jonathan Rose (a) (Vice-Chair)
  • Ronna Warsh (a)

(a) = appointed
(e) = elected