Committees at Work

Quality Assurance Committee

Council’s Quality Assurance Committee reviews the performance of the College relative to its objects as defined in the Ontario College of Teachers Act and ensures that the objects are achieved. The committee reviews each of the 11 objects and identifies opportunities to further support their achievement. The committee also reviews the College’s work related to Council’s strategic priorities. In 2018, the committee of the seventh Council concluded its term and prepared a report to Council that outlined its findings. The report highlighted the presentations to the committee that reflected Council and its committees’ work towards meeting the objects and Council’s strategic priorities.

The committee noted that the College was meeting the objects and Council’s strategic priorities. The committee recommended to Council that the advancement of the following areas be pursued:

  • AQ offerings and availability
  • the professional designation
  • consistency in English and French social media content
  • awareness of Council’s Strategic Priorities
  • Council member training on the legislative amendment process
  • the overdue fee collection process. 

In 2018, the committee of the Eighth Council held its orientation session and inaugural meeting. The work plan for the committee’s term was approved at this inaugural meeting and the reports of the sixth and seventh committee were reviewed.

Quality Assurance

To June 30, 2018:
  • Richard Michaud, OCT (e)
  • Bill Petrie (a) (Vice-Chair)
  • Tom Potter (a)
  • Robert Ryan, OCT (e) (Chair)
  • Nicole van Woudenberg, OCT (e)
From July 1, 2018:
  • Diane Ballantyne, OCT (e) (Chair)
  • Godwin Ifedi (a)
  • Marlène Marwah (a)
  • Nicole van Woudenberg, OCT (e)
  • Stephen Zimmermann, OCT (e) (Vice-Chair)

(e) = appointed
(e) = elected